3ee6ty (Prakya360)

Prakya provides “3ee6ty” – A visual and interactive orchestrator that lets teams gain access to the information and follow agile processes using visual context diagrams. As the saying goes “A picture is worth thousand words”, this unique and One-of-a-kind feature from Prakya lets your teams Stay connected on a picture for all their real-time collaboration needs.

When your team navigates through the Prakya platform, 3ee6ty provides a contextual or architectural overview of the “Solutions” that your development teams are building to support the business operations of your “Line of Business”. “3ee6ty” morphs itself to suit the needs of the persona interacting with it.

As your team adds new features and functionalities to the solutions, 3ee6ty assimilates relevant information, creates contextual links and keeps your enterprise architecture current.

Prakya “3ee6ty” literally brings your entire team on one page.

Essential SAFe

Prakya project collaboration solution is designed around the principles of Essential SAFe. An enterprise with one or more lines of businesses can take advantage of the SAFe principles.

In SAFe terminology, a business line is called a Portfolio. To provide business operational support for a Portfolio, the enterprise needs to either build solutions in-house or purchase a ready-made solution from external companies. Most of the enterprises build their solutions to support their business. In doing so, the team needs to work on upcoming features and also keep supporting existing features.

Business owners use Portfolio Kanban to keep track of how their strategy is supported by all the epics and planned work. Product Managers define business requirements and Architects design the solution to support the business requirements. Program managers plan the development cycle, and teams come together to execute the solution and deploy the solution.

The following features are the highlights

  • Portfolio Management
  • Agile Release Trains
  • Program management
  • Program Increment (PI) Planning
  • Program rooms
  • Program Board for dependency management
  • Team rooms
  • Release Management
  • CI/CD Integration (coming soon)

Team Management

Organization Charts

Prakya platform supports on-boarding of team members across your global organization. You can also invite members from your partners and customers and make them part of your development efforts.

Prakya also supports interacting with team members on a map and automatically build organization charts.

Video Conferencing & Messaging

Prakya has built-in capabilities to do HD Video-Conferencing and Instant Messaging.

When communicating with others, your teams can preserve the context and have continuity to the work. They no longer need to context switch between the individual communication tools.

Meeting Scheduler

Prakya comes with a built-in meeting scheduler that helps to manage meetings with your team members. The scheduler has support to create Pre and Post meeting checklists, add meeting minutes, create action items that arise from the meeting and assign to the team, and also capture attachments.

Footprint Tracker

Footprint Tracker helps in summarizing the daily activities done in virtual team collaboration on a project scheduled for delivery. This helps to keep a track of all the activities of a project.

A Team members who are out of sync with the project can bring themselves up to date with Footprint Tracker. They can do so by referring to the past events available on it such as real-time status updates, reports, and others. This feature also acts as an audit trail for all the team activities while managing projects.

Key Integrations - Get More value

No need to shuffle between tools and software as Prakya, the best collaboration software enables seamless integrations. Your team may be working on different tools such as Google Drive or Zoom or other software. Ensure easy tracking and efficient management to keep track of everything from day one to the execution and delivery day of the project. Prakya lets you work better by letting you integrate leading software and tools, custom apps right into Prakya.