Enabling Collaboration

Inspiring Productivity

Collaboration is the key to organizational success and Prakya enables seamless collaboration between teams by bringing them together on a single platform. A platform wherein they can plan, manage projects, organize tasks, and simply get their work done. Enable a modern work environment with tools for efficient planning, management of projects and products, organization of tasks, productivity based on agility, transparency, and motivation.

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Eliminate the bottlenecks

When the lack a of visibility across teams takes over productivity, teams often lose track of the goals. Most workplace collaboration tools do no more than just providing loads of data and backlog inundated with static content that becomes outdated as soon as it is created.

Prakya lets you structure and plan your work in a way that is best for your team. Keep your team on track with progress accomplished by everyone. Get them to work together, share information, eliminate bottlenecks, pivot if required, and inspire to work productively.

Connect goals, strategy and execution

Bid goodbye to working in silos. Prakya lets you put together your business goals & strategies and align with your team to execute and achieve them. You can keep information together, assess the status of your work, identify dependencies, track your progress towards KPIs, log in results, all within one platform.

Business Goals

Strategic Planning

Manage project execution

Track progress

Teamwork and collaboration

When we work together, we work better and faster. Prakya enables real-time collaboration amongst teams by streamlining efforts. This eliminates the repetition of tasks, thus helping save time and producing faster and better results. Acting as a team communication tool with built-in support for Video Conferencing and messaging, Prakya helps teams collaborate seamlessly, experiencing faster turnaround time, and producing cost-effective results.

Enable Remote Working

With the world fast embracing the remote working culture, virtual team collaboration has become more important than ever. Prakya helps bring together the team from across the globe to one platform eliminating repetition of tasks and enabling remote team collaboration.

Integrations and Data Intelligence

Prakya is a collaboration tool that learns from its surroundings and provides insights from the intelligence derived. You can build an integration framework to source relevant data and mining intelligence to promote visibility. Prakya’s TeamSense platform can analyze this data and apply the derived intelligence to help the team predict deadlines, drive them to achieve more, and perform better.